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Original music deserves an audience and all audiences, whether in a city like Milwaukee or in the small communities of Washington County, deserve to hear great songs.

Since 2015, Homegrown Music Festival has brought original, Wisconsin bands and singer-songwriters to West Bend.  Our audience rarely gets the opportunity to hear new local musicians.

Homegrown Music Festival has sponsored music at the West Bend Farmer’s Market, the Washington County Fair.  We’ve also brought music to small bars and coffee shops such as the Norbert, Jug’s Hitching Post, and Dunn Brother’s Coffee.

The annual festival is held at the Silver Lining Stage in Regner Park, West Bend.  Past performers include J.E. Sunde, Chicken Wire Empire, I’m Not a Pilot, Buffalo Gospel, Them Coulee Boys, Faux Fawn, and the Freques.


Homegrown Music is a production of Fancy Pants Promotions and the Hometown Foundation.
Mike Christian- Founder

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi there, I just saw your blurb in the Daily News Extra email – suggesting a band called The Jimmies, they’re out of Verona. So not so local but some great music!

  2. Thanks, Sue. We love suggestions for bands. We’ll take a look at the Jimmies. –steev

  3. Hello, this is Josh, I am in the band Golden Grenades and I was wondering if you had any dates on the calendar that we book a show for. If you do, where can I contact you.

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