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Original music deserves an audience and all audiences, whether in a city like Milwaukee or in the small communities of Washington County, deserve to hear great songs.

Since 2015, Homegrown has brought original, Wisconsin bands and singer-songwriters to an audience that rarely gets the opportunity to hear new local musicians. Homegrown has sponsored music at the West Bend Farmer’s Market, the Washington County Fair, and in small bars and coffee shops such as the Norbert, Jug’s Hitching Post, and Dunn Brother’s Coffee. The annual Homegrown Fest at the Silver Lining Stage in Regner Park, West Bend, connects audiences with such musicians as J.E. Sunde, Chicken Wire Empire, I’m Not a Pilot, Buffalo Gospel, and the Freques.


Homegrown Music is production of Fancy Pants Promotions.

From product endorsement to event organization, Fancy Pants Promotions has a creative desire to fulfill marketing strategies that truly reach the consumer.

  • If you need thorough and precise – We color within the lines.
  • If you need creative and fresh – We doodle outside the box.
  • If you need “mind blowing”, “crazy”, “what just happened” – we will help you develop a better mousetrap hoverboard that slices bread.

Let us consult with your business or organization. Let us help you take something from concept to completion. We can elevate your brand to help boost traffic and sales.

Mike Christian- Founder
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